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nelson, nelson arklar, nelson ark szleri
1.a girl like that441
3.after the rain570
4.after the rain 526
5.be still475
6.believe what you say399
7.bits and pieces506
8.cant live without your love and affection449
9.cross my broken heart395
10.do you believe in religion394
11.everybody cries sometimes455
12.everywhere i go384
13.fill you up457
14.five oclock plane615
15.fools rush in where angels fear to tread489
16.forever isnt long enough597
17.from the word go414
18.garden party424
20.goin goin gone648
21.hello mary lou370
22.i can hardly wait474
23.i got a feelin680
24.i would if you want me to489
25.is that how it is433
26.its just desire387
27.its late441
28.im walking490
29.just once more520
30.keep one heart443
31.kiss me when i cry467
32.lets talk about me421
34.love me not413
35.love me today part ii382
36.more than ever440
37.my buckets got a hole in it431
38.nobody wins in the end437
39.one of the things about you435
40.only a moment away365
41.only time will tell604
42.peace on earth428
43.right before your eyes345
44.running out of time375
45.say it isnt so440
46.she gets down388
47.she loves me399
48.she said shed be mine582
49.she sheila477
50.shes way too cute for him712
51.someone like you408
52.sooner or later382
53.stood up497
54.sunset strip391
55.tears of pain377
56.tell me379
57.the great escape414
58.the hunger363
59.the judas mirror413
60.the silence is broken378
61.too many dreams346
62.travelin man575
63.try my love443
64.two heads are better than one474
65.waitin in school429
66.we always want what we cant get373
67.were all alright455
68.what about me336
69.whats in a name427
70.why oh why411
71.will you love me375
72.with this kiss348
73.wont walk away692
74.wont walk away452
75.you got me all shook up382
76.you talk too much376
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