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babies babble on, they lookin for excuses
game for the buzzer who kicked it to the losers
lame as a brain, could be, golly gee
if you see a shrink hell charge you a fee
if you see me ya see the fee is nothing
[fee will be for patience] all thats no fronting
what is a party if it doesnt really rock?
what is a poet? all balls, no cock
what is a war if it doesnt have a general?
whats channel nine if it doesnt have arsenio?
what is life if you dont have fun?
what is a what if you aint got a gun?
whats ali without shaheed muhammad?
nothing. [calpekur] makes you vomit
what is a quest if the players aint willing?
what is a pence if you dont have a shilling?
excuse me if im chillin, hey what, say what
whats a fat man without food in his gut?
whats a child birth, without the umbilical?
whats united parcel, without the deliverer?
whats momma-san, without poppa-san?
whats martial arts without daniel-san?
whats rasheed without tonya, tamika?
whats orange juice and doug e. doug without shaniqua?
not a not a not a, not a damn thing
whats duke ellington without that swing?
whats alex haley if it doesnt have roots?
whats a weekend if you aint knockin boots?
whats a black nation, without black unity?
what is a child who doesnt know pubery?
what is my label when i exit boom status?
whats menage-a-tois, or, that is
what is sex when you have three people?
what are laws if they aint fair and equal?
whats clark kent without a telephone booth?
what is a liquor if it aint 80 proof?
what are the youth if they aint rebellin?
whats raplh cramden, if he aint yellin
at ed norton, what is coke snortin?
what is position if there is no contortin?
what is hip-hop if it doesnt have violence?
chill for a minute, doug e. fresh said silence
-four second pause-
what is a glock if you dont have a clip?
whats a lollipop without the good ship?
whats s&m if you dont have chains?
whats a con artist if he doesnt have brains?
whats america without greed and glamour?
whats an mc if he doesnt have stamina?
whats music fractured without mr. walt?
whats trugoy without a phrase called torte?
whats kris lighty if he wasnt such a baby?
what is a woman if she didnt say maybe?
baby laid down, i removed the frown
what would be my penal cord if it wasnt brown?
what is a paper without a president?
what is a compound without a element?
what is a jam if you dont spike the punch?
was it bruce lee if you dont like brunch?
oooh ooh, its like that you keep goin
freak freak yall cause you know that we showin
what to go what to go what to go what to go what
to go what to go what to go what to go what!


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