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1.batter up652
2.boom d boom590
3.country grammar hot499
4.die for you518
6.dis is da life473
8.for my514
9.getcha getcha ft st lunatics507
10.greed, hate, envy430
11.groovin tonight684
12.hot in herre814
13.hot shit country grammar483
14.in my life603
15.intro feat cedric the entertainer549
16.jang a lang496
17.let me in now447
18.lovin me496
19.midwest swing445
20.my place533
21.n dey say494
22.never let em c u sweat feat the teamsters531
23.nobody knows452
26.over and over469
28.play it off447
29.pretty toes448
30.real niggaz497
31.ride wit me feat city spud653
33.shake ya tail feather566
34.shake ya tailfeather bad boys version516
35.she dont know my name602
36.show em what they won620
37.st louie486
39.summer in the city491
40.thicky thick girl feat murphy lee & ali428
41.thicky thick gurls464
42.tho dem wrappas451
43.utha side453
44.woodgrain and leather wit a hole451
45.wrap sumden feat the st lunatics454
46.you cant win753
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