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nate dogg, nate dogg arklar, nate dogg ark szleri
1.almost in love478
2.another short story450
4.bag o weed607
5.because i got a girl491
6.cant nobody624
7.concrete streets439
8.crazy, dangerous497
9.dirty hos draw602
10.ditty dum ditty doo482
11.dogg pound gangstaville458
12.first we pray458
15.good life519
16.i dont wanna hurt no more772
17.i got love540
18.i got love remix458
19.i pledge allegiance463
20.in matter where i go530
21.its goin down tonight530
22.im gonna make my money680
23.just another day452
24.keep it gangsta447
25.me and my homies484
26.music & me444
27.my world455
28.never leave me alone438
29.never too late473
30.nobody does it better498
31.one more day447
32.puppy love483
33.real pimp489
34.scared of love484
35.sexy girl782
36.shes strange626
37.stone cold493
38.the hardest man in town449
39.these days463
40.where are you going567
41.whos playin games787
43.your wife475
44.your woman has just been sighted ring the alarm470
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