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natalie cole, natalie cole arklar, natalie cole ark szleri
1.a little bit of heaven561
2.a smile like yours482
3.a song for you442
4.angel on my shoulder395
5.annie mae553
6.as a matter of fact377
7.be mine tonight464
8.be thankful468
9.beautiful dreamer590
10.can we get together again483
13.dont look back769
14.dont mention my heartache558
16.good morning heartache419
17.good to be back429
18.heaven is with you427
19.hold on448
20.i cant breakaway666
21.i cant say no769
22.i live for your love422
23.i love him so much522
24.i love you so678
25.i wish you love490
26.i wont deny you714
28.introduction/our love384
29.im catching hell612
30.im catchin hell549
31.ive got love on my mind778
32.ive seen paradise711
34.jump start598
35.just cant stay away716
36.keep smiling436
37.keeping a light440
39.la costa579
40.let there be love474
41.livin for love530
42.love and kisses473
43.love is on the way450
45.medley: lets fall in love/you send me59
46.miss you like crazy529
47.mr melody565
48.needing you454
49.no plans for the future427
50.not like mine443
51.nothing stronger than love433
52.opposites attract402
53.orange colored sky477
54.our love441
55.peaceful living423
56.pick yourself up484
57.pink cadillac469
58.que sera, sera743
59.reverend lee437
60.say you love me588
61.snowfall on the sahara425
62.someone that i used to love426
63.sophisticated lady463
65.split decision435
66.stand by472
67.still in love410
68.straighten up and fly right467
69.take a look443
70.that sunday that summer383
71.the gift421
72.the winner446
73.this heart391
74.this will be449
75.touch me503
77.unpredictable you476
78.when i fall in love411
80.you were right girl401
81.your eyes427
82.your lonely heart376
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