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nat king cole, nat king cole arklar, nat king cole ark szleri
1.a beautiful friendship460
2.a blossom fell374
3.a little street where old friends meet352
4.a nightingale sang in berkeley square377
5.a thousand thoughts of you381
6.all for you410
7.almost like being in love454
8.an affair to remember our love affair521
9.answer me my love487
10.autumn leaves685
13.baby baby, all the time352
14.ballad of cat ballou389
16.because youre mine453
17.boulevard of broken dreams434
18.but beautiful384
19.calypso blues413
20.chant of the blues doggone unlucky blues351
21.come to baby, do516
22.dance, ballerina, dance370
23.darling je vous aime beaucoup540
24.dear lonely hearts426
25.dinner for one please, james408
26.do nothing till you hear from me410
27.dont blame me version447
28.dont get around much anymore465
29.faith can move mountains397
30.for all we know369
31.forgive my heart674
32.funny not much378
33.gee baby, aint i good to you510
34.he who hesitates415
35.i dont want to see tomorrow446
36.i just cant see for lookin502
37.i keep goin back to joes411
38.i love paris884
39.i love you for sentimental reasons944
40.i remember you356
41.i should care445
42.i was a little too lonely and you were a little too late376
43.if i give my heart to you688
44.if i may w/ the four knights417
45.if love aint there772
46.if you cant smile and say yes655
48.in other words fly me to the moon482
49.is it better to have loved and lost389
50.it happens to be me425
51.its only a paper moon456
52.im a shy guy496
53.im gonna laugh you out of my life450
54.im gonna sit right down and write myself a letter479
55.just you, just me639
57.laughing on the outside crying on the inside403
58.let there be love783
59.lets fall in love539
60.looking back419
61.lost april version504
62.love letters489
63.love me as though there were no tomorrow408
64.lush life452
65.magnificent obsession604
66.meet me at no special place362
67.miss otis regrets shes unable to lunch today744
68.mona lisa1007
70.my baby just cares for me392
71.my personal possession520
72.nature boy514
73.night lights394
74.no, i dont want her716
75.non dimenticar dont forget754
76.on the street where you live381
77.once in a while397
78.orange colored sky387
79.our love is here to stay433
80.pick yourself up432
83.ramblin rose1023
84.red sails in the sunset397
85.road to nowhere387
87.say it isnt so512
89.someone to tell it to348
90.sometimes im happy537
91.somewhere along the way413
93.stay as sweet as you are442
94.straighten up and fly right326
95.sweet lorraine version746
96.take a fools advice499
98.that sunday that summer379
99.thats all715
100.thats all there is771
101.thats all there is to that425
102.the christmas song merry christmas to you353
103.the frim fram sauce414
104.the little boy that santa claus forgot383
105.the more i see you372
106.the partys over539
107.the ruby and the pearl350
108.the rules of the road373
109.the sand and the sea355
110.the very thought of you394
111.there goes my heart365
112.there will never be another you1085
113.theres a lull in my life486
114.these foolish things remind me of you429
115.this cant be love441
116.those lazy hazy crazy days of summer446
117.thou swell465
118.to whom it may concern393
119.too young478
121.walkin my baby back home453
122.wee baby blues368
123.whatll i do848
124.when i fall in love334
125.where can i go without you404
126.where did everyone go329
127.whos next in line469
128.wild is love398
129.with you on my mind364
130.you call it madness but i call it love358
131.you stepped out of a dream394
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