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nas, nas arklar, nas ark szleri
1.affirmative action398
2.album intro445
3.big girl469
4.big things480
5.black girl lost380
6.blaze a466
7.come get me528
8.day dreamin stay scheamin427
9.dr knockboot552
10.drunk by myself424
13.favor for a favor441
14.fetus belly button window415
15.find ya wealth456
16.gangsta tears422
17.ghetto prisoners398
18.god love us413
19.got ur self a410
21.hardest thing is to stay alive437
22.hate me now389
23.i can475
24.i gave you power426
25.i want to talk to you478
26.if i ruled the world418
27.it aint hard to tell922
29.last words436
30.life is what you make it389
31.life we chose437
32.lifes a bitch882
33.live nigga rap433
34.memory lane sittin in da park824
35.money is my bitch464
36.nas is coming441
37.nas is like407
39.nature shines414
40.new world474
41.ny state of mind485
42.ny state of mind part ii422
43.one love569
44.one mic580
45.one time for your mind457
46.oochie wally388
47.oochie wally remix371
48.poppa was a player412
51.shoot em up884
53.silent murder370
54.small world399
55.some of us have angels411
56.sometimes i wonder396
57.street dreams365
59.take it in blood384
60.the message374
61.undying love1595
62.wanna play rough405
63.we will survive543
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