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mya, mya arklar, mya ark szleri
1.again & again379
2.anytime you want me392
3.baby its yours391
4.best of me417
5.bye bye474
6.cant believe819
7.case of the ex formerly whatcha gonna do721
8.dont be afraid703
9.fear of flying411
10.flying [interlude]556
11.for the first time428
12.get over outro462
13.ghetto superstar385
14.grandma says [skit]512
15.how you gonna tell me424
16.if you died i wouldnt cry503
17.if you mine381
18.its all about me624
20.keep on lovin me389
21.lie detector393
22.man in my life396
23.movin on676
24.movin out517
25.my first night with you445
26.now or never474
28.ride & shake357
29.somebody like me402
30.take me there347
31.takin me over631
32.tears on my pillow443
33.thats why i wanna fight713
34.turn it up intro627
35.were gonna make you dance497
36.what cha say432
37.where the dream takes you420
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