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1. i saw her standing there408
4.another song about tv514
5.anywhere but here367
6.bad hair day495
7.begin to start419
8.biased bigotry516
9.buildings tumble454
10.cant see not saying490
11.chick magnet448
12.chick magnet in album let it happen398
15.cold and alone409
16.correct me if im wrong516
19.dead end470
22.destroyed by you400
23.different things444
24.do & dont491
25.do your feet hurt359
26.doing time414
27.drum machine joy448
28.ears to hear430
29.easier said than done407
30.educated guess380
31.elvis is dead438
32.falling down406
33.false fiction411
34.first class mail479
35.fist vs tact385
37.for always385
38.get with it442
39.gsf girls schmirls foundation411
40.here with me748
41.high standards365
42.honest answers422
43.hot and cold557
44.important enough to mention339
45.inches from life353
46.inquiring minds want to know360
47.invitation to understanding401
48.is the answer in the question411
49.its undeniable731
50.im ok, youre ok607
51.im the bad guy605
52.jars of clay417
53.jay jays song648
54.late last night452
55.let it happen380
56.letting go379
57.life in general400
58.lifetime enlightenment433
59.like sand thru the hourglass346
60.lonesome town396
61.marie, marie439
63.misplaced memories403
65.money tree498
66.move to bremerton371
67.my life story343
68.my mom still cleans my room355
69.never learn368
70.new york to nowhere496
71.no brain569
72.no room446
73.oh boy675
74.oh donna540
75.one step closer to life343
76.one way window481
77.pary my house, be there461
78.prove it to the world368
79.punk rawk show389
81.rainy day466
84.rock and roll girl369
85.rock n roll girl669
86.scooby doo, where are you662
87.self serving with a purpose541
88.set the record strait450
89.sick boy448
90.small town minds462
91.small town minds/first class mail459
92.so kill me516
93.something more428
94.sometimes you have to ask yourself344
95.sorry so sorry462
96.south bound427
98.study humans474
99.sugarcoated poisned apple429
100.suggestion box522
101.summer of423
102.swing set girl453
103.take on me405
104.teenage poplitics367
105.the aspect449
106.the downfall of western civilization457
107.the final slowdance447
108.the next big thing421
109.the opposite of intellect381
110.the ultimately cheezy as can be song361
111.the wonder years418
112.think twice446
113.thoughts and ideas361
114.time brings change380
115.today is in my way373
116.tomorrows another day436
117.too much thinking411
118.twisted words423
119.two whole years366
120.under lock and key371
123.walking bye456
124.want ad389
126.whats mine is yours544
127.without you417
128.you found me354
129.you put this love in my heart389
130.your problem my emergency341
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