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abba, abba arklar, abba ark szleri
1.andante, andante556
2.andante, andante spanish version455
4.another town, another train431
5.as good as new492
8.burning my bridges493
11.chiquitita spanish version452
12.conociendome, conociendote522
13.crazy world461
14.crying over you580
15.dame dame dame amor esta noche483
16.dance while the music still goes on474
17.dancing queen513
19.does your mother know452
20.dream world961
21.dum dum diddle528
23.el andar603
25.estoy sonando572
28.free as a bumble bee458
29.gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight415
30.givin a little bit more516
31.gonna sing you my lovesong503
32.gracias por la musica449
33.hamlet iii472
34.happy hawaii475
35.happy new year727
36.hasta manana513
37.hasta manana spanish version566
38.he is your brother466
39.head over heels441
40.hej gamle man533
41.here comes rubie jamie634
42.hey, hey helen459
43.hole in your soul423
44.honey honey677
45.honey honey swedish version518
46.hovas vittne607
47.i am just a girl464
48.i am the city488
49.i do, i do, i do, i do, i do479
50.i have a dream533
51.i let the music speak474
52.i saw it in the mirror438
53.i wonder departure456
54.if it wasnt for the nights492
55.im a marionette531
56.ive been waiting for you524
57.just a notion490
58.just like that454
59.king kong song576
60.kisses of fire452
61.knowing me, knowing you487
62.lay all your love on me431
63.like an angel passing through my room469
64.love isnt easy but it sure is hard enough519
66.lovers live a little longer461
67.mamma mia588
68.man in the middle477
69.me and bobby and bobbys brother472
70.me and i472
71.medley: pick a bale of cotton/on top of old smokey/midnight special69
73.money, money, money708
74.move on473
75.my love, my life461
76.my mama said490
77.nina pretty ballerina459
78.no hay a quien culpar399
79.on and on and on469
80.one man, one woman509
81.one of us493
82.our last summer456
83.people need love415
84.put on your white sombrero453
85.reina danzante569
86.rikky rocknroller551
87.ring ring641
88.ring ring bara du slog en signal412
89.ring ring english version500
90.ring ring german version432
91.rock me479
92.rock n roll band546
93.rubber ball man484
94.sang till gorel485
95.santa rosa543
96.se me esta escapando404
97.shes my kind of girl508
98.should i laugh or cry453
99.sitting in the palmtree418
100.slipping through my fingers473
101.so long450
104.summer night city478
105.super trouper519
107.take a chance on me410
108.thank you for the music490
109.thats me521
110.the day before you came563
111.the king has lost his crown510
112.the name of the game438
113.the piper558
114.the visitors487
115.the way old friends do496
116.the winner takes it all476
118.tropical loveland504
119.two for the price of one447
120.under attack469
122.watch out493
123.waterloo english version479
124.waterloo french version591
125.waterloo german version556
126.waterloo swedish version455
127.wer im wartesall der liebe steht450
128.what about livingstone431
129.when all is said and done500
130.when i kissed the teacher513
131.why did it have to be me435
132.you owe me one568
133.h, vilka tider678
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