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mr big, mr big arklar, mr big ark szleri
1. days in the hole437
2.a little to loose458
3.addicted to that rush438
4.aint seen love like that500
5.alive and kickin566
6.anything for you458
7.big love448
8.blame it on my youth454
9.cdff-lucky this time453
10.colorado bulldog475
11.daddy, brother, lover, little boy375
12.fool us today398
13.goin where the wind blows735
14.green-tinted sixties mind428
15.had enough445
16.how can you do what you do448
17.if thats what it takes641
18.jane doe594
19.just take my heart430
20.mama d626
22.mister gone489
24.my kinda woman388
25.never say never414
26.not one night409
27.nothing but love405
28.out of the underground378
29.promise her the moon420
30.road to ruin378
31.rock & roll over361
33.take a walk382
34.take cover445
36.the chain392
37.the price you gotta pay388
38.the whole worlds gonna know631
39.to be with you406
40.trapped in toyland422
41.voodoo kiss534
42.whats it gonna be576
43.where do i fit in480
44.wild world452
45.wind me up434
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