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sieg shit ark sz

see them shouting in the streets,
shouting "hail" on a marching beat,
didnt history teach us that,
fascist bastards bring us death,
must we be tolerant?
or smash them with our own bare hands?

put them together on a nuclear base,
and just bomb the fucking place,
what we gonna do when its all too late?
and when theres nothing left on our plate,
no more bullshit like "we didnt know",
when the nazis are heading for another show,
fight back - kill the nazi pack
fight back - kill the nazi pack
raise you rvoice and raise your fists,
because we too are very pissed,
and be aware of the fact,
the nazi-regime must be cracked,
just smash all the fascist pigs,
then solve this economical shit,
socio-anarchism must rise again,
and it will not be the american dream


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