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moody blues, moody blues arklar, moody blues ark szleri
1., days436
2.after you came370
3.all that is real is you409
4.and the tide rushes in409
5.are you sitting comfortably416
7.bless the wings that bring you back370
8.blue guitar635
9.blue world396
10.breaking point430
11.candle of life548
12.celtic sonant389
13.dawn: dawn is a feeling69
14.dawning is the day392
15.dear diary396
18.dont you feel small703
19.dr livingston, i presume420
21.emilys song612
22.english sunset368
23.eternity road411
24.evening: the sun set: twilight time89
25.eyes of a child part392
26.eyes of a child part449
28.foolish love388
29.for my lady477
30.forever now373
31.gemini dream401
32.going nowhere414
34.had to fall in love384
36.have you heard part484
37.have you heard part581
38.here comes the weekend428
39.higher and higher503
40.hole in the world460
41.hope and pray379
42.house of four doors427
43.house of four doors part537
44.how is it we are here433
45.i am686
46.i dreamed last night430
47.i just dont care431
48.i know youre out there somewhere420
49.i never thought id live to be a hundred476
50.i never thought id live to be a million563
51.in my world371
52.in the beginning386
53.is this heaven393
54.isnt life strange533
55.it may be a fire397
56.its cold outside of your heart432
57.its up to you529
58.ill be level with you443
59.im just a singer in a rock and roll band464
60.im your man427
61.late lament468
62.lazy day405
63.lean on me tonight461
64.legend of a mind406
65.lost in a lost world416
66.love dont come easy428
67.love is on the run393
68.lovely to see you378
69.lunch break: peak hour84
73.meet me halfway447
74.melancholy man695
75.minstrels song519
77.my brother377
78.my little lovely411
79.my song438
81.never blame the rainbows for the rain391
82.never comes the day352
83.new horizons385
84.nice to be here403
85.night winters years399
86.nights in white satin486
87.no more lies413
88.nothing changes432
90.once is enough420
91.one more time to live396
92.one step into the light390
93.our guessing game363
94.out and in386
95.painted smile395
98.reflective smile524
99.remember me my friend396
100.ride my see-saw428
101.river of endless love373
102.rock n roll over you453
103.running out of love419
104.running water391
105.saved by the music399
106.say it with love445
107.say what you mean391
108.say what you mean part ii570
109.send me no wine384
110.shadows on the wall398
111.sitting at the wheel405
112.slings and arrows425
113.so deep within you359
114.sooner or later walkin on air682
116.steppin in a slide zone488
117.strange times357
118.sun is still shining411
120.talking out of turn400
121.talkin talkin728
122.the actor391
123.the afternoon: forever afternoon tuesday65
124.the balance416
125.the best way to travel452
126.the day begins442
127.the day we meet again377
128.the dream480
129.the land of make-believe409
130.the morning: another morning90
131.the one389
132.the other side of life406
133.the spirit410
134.the story in your eyes376
135.the swallow412
136.the voice414
137.the voyage572
138.the word434
139.this morning335
140.to share our love431
141.top rank suite393
142.tortoise and the hare370
143.under moonshine425
144.under my feet398
145.veteran cosmic rocker427
146.vintage wine415
147.visions of paradise524
148.voices in the sky391
149.want to be with you367
150.watching and waiting390
151.when you wake up366
152.when youre a free man441
153.wherever you are436
154.who are you now421
155.words you say437
157.you and me408
158.you can never go home408
159.your wildest dreams402
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