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monkees, monkees arklar, monkees ark szleri
1. pounds453
2.a little bit me, a little bit you554
3.a man without a dream430
4.acapulco sun427
5.admiral mike436
6.all alone in the dark452
7.all of your toys412
8.all the kings horses466
9.anytime, anyplace, anywhere478
10.apples, peaches, bananas and pears375
11.as we go along363
12.aunties municipal court496
14.bye bye, baby, bye bye415
15.can you dig it454
16.carlisle wheeling394
18.circle sky413
19.circle sky in album justus422
20.come on in373
21.counting on you427
22.cripple creek344
23.cuddly toy374
24.daddys song427
25.daily nightly398
26.daydream believer437
28.do it in the name of love389
29.do not ask for love prithee413
30.do you feel it too384
31.dont bring me down468
32.dont call on me603
33.dont listen to linda444
34.dont wait for me404
35.dream world398
36.dw washburn413
37.dyin of a broken heart433
38.early morning blues and greens409
39.every step of the way403
40.for petes sake440
41.forget that girl406
42.french song714
43.gettin in500
44.goin down420
45.goldilocks sometime471
46.gonna build a mountain402
47.gonna buy me a dog401
48.good clean fun352
49.hard to believe377
50.heart and soul449
51.hold on girl486
52.i believe you658
53.i cant get her off my mind436
54.i dont think you know me666
55.i love you better490
56.i never thought it peculiar360
57.i wanna be free402
58.i wont be the same without her474
59.if i ever get to saginaw again384
60.if i knew345
61.if you have the time395
62.il tema dei monkees485
63.its got to be love477
64.its my life537
65.its nice to be with you472
66.its not too late502
67.ill be back upon my feet455
68.ill be true to you yes, i will391
69.ill spend my life with you472
70.im a believer529
71.im not your steppin stone697
72.just a game375
74.ladys aid society541
75.ladys baby660
76.last train to clarksville465
78.lets dance on641
79.listen to the band417
80.little girl405
81.long title: do i have to do this all over again88
82.long way home400
83.look out here comes tomorrow452
84.looking for the good times405
85.love is only sleeping428
86.love to love417
87.love you forever758
88.magnolia simms432
89.mary, mary516
90.me without you472
91.michigan blackhawk369
93.midnight train350
94.mommy and daddy430
95.moving in with rico400
96.mr webster405
97.never enough421
98.never tell a woman yes343
99.nine times blue359
100.no time396
101.of you388
102.oh my my628
103.oh what a night402
104.oklahoma backroom dancer387
105.p o box434
106.papa genes blues595
108.penny music369
109.peter percival pattersons pet pig porky501
110.pillow time389
111.pleasant valley sunday378
112.porpoise song517
113.rany scouse git456
114.regional girl414
115.riu chiu442
116.run away from life391
118.saturdays child481
119.secret heart454
120.shades of gray425
122.she hangs out409
123.shorty blackwell387
124.since you went away460
125.so goes love395
126.some of shellys blues498
127.someday man388
128.sometime in the morning385
129.st matthew407
130.star collector446
131.steam engine789
132.storybook of you463
133.sunny girlfriend378
134.sweet young thing415
135.take a giant step362
136.tapioca tundra408
137.tear drop city377
138.tear the top right off of my head396
139.teeny tiny gnome374
140.tell me love444
141.that was then, this is now403
142.the crippled lion355
143.the day we fall in love423
144.the door into summer397
145.the girl i knew somewhere410
146.the girl i left behind me462
147.the good earth437
148.the kind of girl i could love370
149.the poster452
150.theme from the monkees398
151.this just doesnt seem to be my day435
152.through the looking glass407
153.ticket on a ferry ride416
154.time and time again419
155.tomorrows gonna be another day446
156.unlucky stars465
158.war games405
159.we were made for each other709
160.what am i doin hangin round424
161.when love comes knockin at your door428
162.while i cry376
163.whole wide world428
165.writing wrongs380
166.you and i403
167.you and i in album justus388
168.you cant judge a book by looking at the cover432
169.you just may be the one380
170.you told me396
171.your auntie grizelda403
172.youre so good for me430
173.youre so good to me421
175.zor and zam446
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