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that puts me in a good mood, thinkin about surfing.
wow, you should go surfing.
you should go surfing.
surf this groovy vibe.
im gonna be a rich girl
some kind of philanthropist
im gonna get high, get pissed
ill be addicted to nothin
gonna be a wife and a mom
and when i call, people will come
everybody will listen to me
but my hands will stay clean
did you see it?
did you see the finer print?
there are applicable taxes
details inside the package
see my dealer for contest rules
im gonna go hungry
gonna fight the fight
im gonna learn to go without 
but im feeling no hunger pain
im gonna carry the cross
like i carry the weight of the world
n cry all the tears
but i know its not going to hurt
chorus (repeat)
ill see my dealer (x2)
first verse (repeat)
chorus (x2)
ill see my dealer (x2)
wow, surfing was great wasnt it?
oh man, i love surfing!
nice day, eh?


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