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modern talking, modern talking arklar, modern talking ark szleri
1.a telegram to your heart803
2.after your love is gone373
4.and the angels sing in new york city406
5.angies heart627
6.anything is possible478
7.arabian gold644
8.atlantis is calling sos for love609
9.avec toi599
10.bells of paris380
11.blinded by your love416
12.brother louie698
13.cant get enough585
14.cant let you go569
16.cheri cheri lady628
17.china in her eyes441
18.china in her eyes ft eri469
19.cinderella girl446
20.cosmic girl567
21.diamonds never made a lady485
22.do you wanna779
23.doctor for my heart491
24.dont give up589
25.dont let it get you down531
26.dont let me down683
27.dont let me go603
28.dont lose my number661
29.dont play with my heart541
30.dont take away my heart555
31.dont worry608
32.fight for the right love417
33.fly to the moon527
34.for a life time473
35.for always and ever594
36.from coast to coast487
37.geronimos cadillac719
38.girl out of my dreams446
39.give me peace on earth469
40.good girls go to471
41.heaven will know591
42.hey you513
43.how you mend a broken heart450
44.i cant give you more784
45.i need you now481
46.i will follow you568
47.in years488
48.in shaire511
49.it hurts so good445
50.its christmas576
51.its your smile572
52.ill never fall in love again577
53.ill never give you up753
54.im so much in love575
55.jet airliner609
56.just close your eyes641
57.just like an angel521
58.just we two473
59.keep love alive489
60.ladi lai879
61.last exit to brooklyn396
62.lets talk about love594
63.like a hero438
64.locomotion tango510
65.lonely tears in chinatown411
66.love dont live here anymore524
67.love is forever452
68.love is like a rainbow421
69.lucky guy489
71.my lonely girl434
72.new york city girl454
73.no face no name no number537
74.one in a million436
75.only love can break my heart1016
76.operator gimme410
77.part time lover467
78.princess of the night1031
79.rain in my heart462
80.riding on a white swan442
81.romantic warriors489
82.rouge et noir430
83.send me a letter from heaven408
84.sexy sexy lover691
85.slow motion586
86.sms to your heart500
87.stranded in the middle of nowhere397
88.sweet little sheila539
89.taxi girl470
90.ten thousand lonely drums449
91.the night is yours, the night is mine382
92.theres something in the air586
93.theres too much blue in missing you524
94.time is on my side489
95.walking in the rain of paris425
96.we still have dreams568
97.we take the chance408
98.who will save the world417
99.why did you do it just tonight482
100.why does it feel so good647
101.wild wild water492
102.win the race439
103.with a little love470
104.you and me449
105.you are not alone536
106.you can win if you want775
107.youre m1006
108.youre the lady of my heart957
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