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minnie riperton, minnie riperton arklar, minnie riperton ark szleri
1.adventures in paradise354
2.alone in brewster bay339
3.baby, this love i have358
4.can you feel what im saying448
5.close your eyes and remember363
6.come to my garden375
8.could it be im in love537
9.dancin and actin crazy528
10.dont let anyone bring you down410
11.every time he comes around393
13.feelin your feelins right536
14.gettin ready for your love440
15.give me time398
16.here we go351
17.how could i love you more403
18.inside my love404
19.island in the sun396
20.its so nice562
21.im a woman564
22.im in love again489
23.les fleur388
24.light my fire384
25.love and its glory490
26.love hurts361
27.lover and friend368
28.lovin you725
29.memory band382
30.memory lane382
31.minnies lament718
32.never existed before351
33.oh darlin, life goes on412
34.oh, by the way361
35.only when im dreaming401
36.our lives335
37.perfect angel342
38.rainy day in centerville347
40.return to forever436
41.seeing you this way415
42.simple things377
43.song of life la-la-la565
44.stay in love376
45.stick together361
46.strange affair330
47.take a litte trip381
48.the edge of a dream327
49.when it comes down to it346
50.whenever, wherever421
51.wouldnt matter where you are413
52.you take my breath away360
53.young willing and able315
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