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mick jagger, mick jagger arklar, mick jagger ark szleri
1./ a life398
2.angel in my heart723
4.brand new set of rules452
5.dancing in the starlight371
6.dont call me up567
7.dont tear me up493
8.evening gown370
9.everybody getting high480
10.god gave my everything429
11.goddess in the doorway399
13.handsome molly352
14.hang on to me tonight465
15.hard woman477
16.hide away405
18.just another night488
19.kow tow536
20.lets work554
21.lonely at the top363
22.lonely for so long440
23.lucky day342
24.lucky in love368
25.mother of a man357
26.out of focus352
27.party doll512
28.peace for the wicked370
29.primitive cool401
30.put me in the trash389
31.radio control350
32.running out of luck372
33.say you will373
35.shes the boss532
36.shoot off your mouth377
37.sweet thing400
40.too far gone362
41.turn the girl loose369
42.use me381
43.visions of paradise391
44.wandering spirit392
45.war baby461
46.wired all night340
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