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ataris, ataris arklar, ataris ark szleri
2.a beautiful mistake393
3.all you can ever learn is what you already know385
4.alone in santa cruz432
5.angry nerd rock363
7.are we there yet383
8.as we speak442
9.bad case of broken heart409
10.better way400
11.between you and me414
12.bite my tounge370
13.blind and unkind383
14.blue skies, broken hearts next exits520
16.broken promise ring355
19.eight of nine371
20.fast times at dropout high404
21.four chord wonder374
22.giving up on love351
23.hello and goodbye391
24.hey kid454
25.how i spent my summer vacation475
26.i remember you385
27.i wont spend another night alone486
28.if you really want to hear about it456
29.in spite of the world414
30.in this diary398
31.iou one galaxy392
33.let it burn368
34.let it go356
35.life makes no sense368
36.looking back on today362
37.losing streak372
38.make it last389
39.my hotel year386
40.my reply451
41.my so called life412
44.not a worry in the world366
45.perfectly happy404
46.ps the scene is dead543
49.road signs and rock songs459
50.san dimas high school football rules428
52.so long, astoria440
54.song for a mix tape385
55.summer wind was always our song373
56.summer 566
57.take me back406
58.takeoffs and landings377
59.teenage riot407
60.that special girl441
61.the boys of summer409
62.the hero dies in this one453
63.the last song i will ever write about a girl364
64.the radio still sucks512
65.the saddest song390
66.unopened letter to the world390
67.up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start453
68.you need a hug439
69.your boyfriend sucks403
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