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michael w smith, michael w smith arklar, michael w smith ark szleri
2.a little stronger everyday386
3.a matter of time374
4.a way392
5.above all497
6.agnus dei569
7.all i need to say400
8.all is well596
9.all youre missin is a heartache429
10.angels unaware trilogy353
12.anthem for christmas349
13.as it is in heaven375
15.away in a manger316
16.be strong and courageous377
18.breathe in me trilogy399
19.calling heaven346
20.carols sing471
21.child in the manger412
22.christ the messiah429
23.christmas waltz387
25.color blind422
26.could he be the messiah347
27.cross my heart438
28.cross of gold339
29.crown him with many crowns395
30.cry for love352
31.do you dream of me370
32.dont give up449
35.end of the book357
36.everybody free476
37.for you450
39.from here on365
40.give it away365
42.go west young man619
43.goin thru the motions491
44.great is the lord335
45.hand of providence430
46.hello, goodbye344
47.help you find your way341
48.hey you its me585
50.how long will be too long359
51.i am sure405
52.i believe in you now388
53.i hear leesha399
54.i know402
55.i know your name375
56.i miss the way408
57.i still have the dream362
58.i wanna tell the world367
59.i will be here for you390
60.i will be your friend341
61.i will carry you326
62.in my arms again340
63.ill be around441
64.ill lead you home493
65.im gone619
66.im up534
67.im waiting for you635
68.kay thompsons jingle bells488
69.kentucky rose372
71.let me show you the way362
72.live and learn338
73.live the life355
74.love crusade340
75.love in the light370
76.love me good319
77.love one another355
78.lux venit687
79.missing person300
80.move in me377
81.never been unloved394
82.no eye had seen492
83.nothin but the blood658
84.o come all ye faithful388
85.old enough to know364
86.on the other side369
87.out of this world408
89.picture perfect356
90.place in this world422
91.pray for me337
92.pursuit of the dream354
93.reach out to me347
94.restless heart343
96.secret ambition337
97.seed to sow455
98.she walks with me351
99.somebody love me371
101.someday set the children free425
102.somewhere somehow365
103.straight to the heart347
104.tearin down the wall685
105.the hapiest christmas414
106.the last letter342
107.the other side of me trilogy319
108.the race is on281
109.the throne388
110.this is your time366
111.to the praise of his glorious grace335
112.too many times368
114.welcome to our world376
115.wired for sound359
116.worth it all366
117.you need a saviour359
118.youre alright467
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