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michael mcdonald, michael mcdonald arklar, michael mcdonald ark szleri
1.aint that peculiar434
2.all i need334
3.all we got382
4.angels we have heard on high382
5.any foolish thing367
6.bad times403
7.believe in it344
8.blink of an eye379
9.build upon it618
10.by heart448
11.children go where i send thee407
12.dont let me down511
13.down by the river360
14.east of eden382
16.every time christmas comes around338
17.for a child347
18.get the word started415
19.hey girl500
21.house full of love344
22.i can let go now529
23.i gotta try352
24.i hang on your every word361
25.i keep forgettin every time youre near463
26.i stand for you362
27.i want you400
28.if thats what it takes427
29.ill be your angel458
30.kikwit town362
31.lonely talk461
32.losin end606
33.lost in the parade376
34.love can break your heart362
35.love lies365
36.matters of the heart314
37.more to us than that331
38.no amount of reason379
39.no lookin back566
40.no love to be found351
41.no more prayin450
42.no such luck377
43.obsession blues372
44.on christmas morning388
45.on my own386
46.on this night428
47.one gift392
48.one step away374
49.open the door381
50.our love365
52.playin by the rules441
53.searchin for understanding544
54.someday you will375
55.sweet freedom327
56.take it to heart383
57.tear it up389
58.thats why493
59.the meaning of love379
60.to make a miracle382
61.what a fool believes370
62.what makes a man hold on359
63.where would i be now310
64.white christmas/winter wonderland432
65.world out of a dream315
66.yah mo b there513
67.you cant make it love435
68.you show me374
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