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michael bolton, michael bolton arklar, michael bolton ark szleri
1.a dream is a wish your heart makes560
2.a heart can only be strong387
3.a love so beautiful418
4.a time for letting go408
5.a whiter shade of pale307
6.aint got nothing if you aint got love476
7.aint no sunshine886
9.all that you deserve337
10.ave maria482
11.back in my arms again284
12.back on my feet again329
14.bring it on home to me283
15.butterfly kisses267
16.call my name290
17.can i touch youthere318
18.cant get close enough to you426
19.cant hold on, cant let go465
20.cant turn it off453
22.celeste aida378
23.che gelida manina504
25.countin on you694
26.dance with me285
27.dancing in the street342
28.desperate heart312
29.dont make me wait on love459
30.dont tell me its over459
31.dream while you can498
32.drift away494
33.e la solita storia350
34.e lucevan le stelle398
35.everybody needs a reason294
36.everybodys crazy454
40.fighting for my life297
41.fool for love282
42.fools game357
43.for you363
44.forever eyes361
45.forever isnt long enough507
46.forevers just a matter of time400
47.from now on299
48.georgia on my mind324
50.give me a reason307
51.go the distance319
52.have yourself a merry little christmas307
53.heart of mine290
54.heart of stone294
55.hold on, im coming739
56.hometown hero287
57.hot love344
58.how am i suppose to live without you298
59.how can we be lovers287
60.i almost believed you299
61.i cant stand the rain tina turner442
62.i found someone284
63.i promise you348
64.i wanna hear you say it365
65.if i had your love491
66.in the arms of love318
67.its just a feelin508
68.its only my heart460
69.im aware of your love437
70.im not made of steel434
71.jailhouse rock306
72.joy to the world292
73.knock on wood356
74.lean on me336
75.let there be love343
76.lets make a long story longer446
77.lets stay together425
78.like a rolling stone308
79.lost in the city335
80.love cuts deep294
81.love is a wonderful thing315
82.love is hard to find375
83.love is the power300
84.love me tonight280
85.love shouldnt hurt470
86.maybe its the power of love435
87.missing you now333
88.my girl387
89.my world is empty without you370
90.m appari652
91.nessun dorma1797
92.never get enough of your love285
93.new love321
94.now that i found you282
95.o holy night389
96.o soave fanciulla313
97.once in a lifetime286
98.one more time360
99.only a woman like you304
101.pleasure or pain329
102.pourquoi me reveiller391
103.reach out ill be there417
104.really wanna know284
105.recondita armonia381
106.rocky mountain way270
107.safe place from the storm308
108.said i love youbut i lied349
109.said i loved youbut i lied321
110.santa claus is coming to town311
111.save me347
112.save our love336
113.sexual healing341
114.she did the same thing368
115.she wants you back332
116.show her the way321
117.silent night405
118.since i fell for you326
119.sittin onthe dock of the bay460
120.sooner or later303
121.soul of my soul276
122.soul provider320
123.southern ballad272
124.stand up for love284
125.start breaking my heart276
127.steel bars286
128.take a look at my face323
129.take me as i am283
130.tell me how you feel302
131.thats what love is all about398
132.the best of love301
133.the christmas song286
134.the dock of the bay287
135.the hunger312
136.the night has me calling for you312
137.the one thing312
138.these eyes306
139.this is the time235
140.this river350
141.time is on my side338
142.time, love and tenderness292
143.tired of being alone333
144.to love somebody285
145.try a little tenderness261
146.una furtiva lagrima788
147.vesti la giubba337
148.voice of my heart411
149.voices that care281
150.wait on love312
151.walk away325
152.welcome to the world274
153.were not making love anymore445
154.what a wonderful world336
155.what you wont do for love408
156.when a man loves a woman343
157.when im back on my feet again398
158.when there are no words309
159.whenever i remember loving you362
160.white christmas405
161.why me379
162.without your love265
164.you are my sunshine350
165.you dont want me bad enough416
166.you mean more to me340
167.you send me483
168.you wouldnt know love497
169.your love294
170.youre all that i need446
171.youre no good742
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