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michael ball, michael ball arklar, michael ball ark szleri
1.a house is not a home415
2.a song for you320
3.all by myself376
4.all for nothing330
5.all i ask of you phantom of the opera557
6.always on my mind352
7.anthem chess440
8.as dreams go by353
9.away me quitte pas373
10.beautiful heartache408
11.call on me370
12.cry me a river328
13.dont rain on my parade funny girl446
14.easy terms blood brothers383
15.empty chairs, empty tables364
16.everyday everynight717
17.from here to eternity325
18.give me love517
19.holland park379
20.how can i be sure329
21.i dreamed a dream les miserables378
22.i wouldnt know553
23.if i can dream311
24.if you could read my mind313
25.if you need another love400
26.its still you471
27.ill be there593
28.im gonna be strong488
29.im so sorry659
30.last night of the world miss saigon375
31.leave a light on359
32.let the river run377
33.losing my mind follies303
34.love changes everything384
35.love changes everything aspects of love366
36.loving you passion309
38.memory cats557
39.my arms are strong329
40.no more steps to climb389
41.no one cries anymore356
42.on broadway427
43.one step out of time349
44.secret of love349
45.shes not there435
46.show me my fair lady414
47.simple affair of the heart292
48.someone to watch over me338
49.something inside so strong431
50.somethings coming west side story433
52.sunset boulevard330
53.take my breath away334
54.the lovers we were620
55.the rose369
56.thefirst man you remember403
57.we break our own hearts351
58.when we began411
59.wherever you are319
60.who needs to know404
61.with onelook sunset boulevard633
62.you dont have to say you love me533
63.you made me love you353
64.youll never know419
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