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men at work, men at work arklar, men at work ark szleri
1.be good johnny411
2.blue for you353
3.catch a star323
4.children on parade497
5.down by the sea395
6.down under465
7.dr heckyll & mr jive350
8.everything i need382
9.giving up444
10.hard luck story500
11.helpless automaton377
12.high wire479
13.i can see it in your eyes514
14.i like to620
15.into my life418
16.its a mistake529
17.man with two hearts352
19.no restrictions338
20.no sign of yesterday358
22.people just love to play with words357
23.sail to you359
24.settle down my boy363
25.snakes and ladders346
26.stay at home397
27.still life337
28.touching the untouchables419
30.upstairs in my house370
31.who can it be now417
32.you can dance if you want to535
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