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melissa etheridge, melissa etheridge arklar, melissa etheridge ark szleri
2.aint it heavy442
3.all american girl418
4.all the way to heaven367
5.an unusual kiss373
6.angels would fall405
8.brave and crazy349
10.bring me some water312
12.cherry avenue369
13.chrome plated heart346
14.come to my window382
15.dance without sleeping389
16.dont you need519
17.down to one439
18.enough of me386
20.heal me380
21.how would i know406
22.i couldve been you587
23.i really like you408
24.i want to be in love357
25.i want to come over348
26.i want you413
27.i will never be the same409
28.if i wanted to386
29.into the dark378
30.its for you655
31.its only me507
32.im the only one527
33.keep it precious374
34.let me go398
35.like the way i do350
36.lover please329
37.mama im strange625
38.meet me in the back341
39.must be crazy for me386
40.my back door364
41.my lover540
42.no guarantee356
43.no souvenirs319
44.nowhere to go373
46.place your hand391
47.please forgive me347
48.precious pain405
50.royal station /414
53.shriners park548
54.silent legacy390
55.similar features362
56.skin deep358
58.stronger than me356
59.talking to my angel396
61.the angels337
62.the boy feels strange370
63.the different519
64.the late september dogs348
65.the letting go368
66.the prison417
67.this war is over517
68.touch and go363
69.truth of the heart333
70.walking on water489
71.watching you310
72.yes i am359
73.you can sleep while i drive385
74.you used to love to dance337
75.your little secret367
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