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nannygoat ark sz

on a summers day when i was eight, or maybe i was six
i befriended a new kid (no pun intended)
oh mommy no i dont think this little guy can see
his eyes are all cloudy
i asked why he was blind
mom said thats just gods plan, id say that hes been damned
we loved to play and i would wake up before the sun
before the day had begun
i couldnt comprehend or understand why his head would sway
by the way, we named him dave
and i cried cause you were blind
but you were a dynamo, youre a goddamned nannygoat
time to part our ways, an end to play, an end to fun and games
an end that sadly came
neighbor up the hill took you in when we moved away
and gave you a place to stay
and i cried when i heard you died
you were just nine years old
youre a goddamned nannygoat
but you were a dynamo


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