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miss america smile ark sz

played enough games of chance
first your jaw drops and then you shit your pants
holding on to the ceiling when your tomorrows became your yesterdays
your abdomen is a little swollen, a belt of bruises proudly you display
dont walk away like everythings fine now
youll finally find out just how your crown outshined your reign
we hope you see this through (its true)
will time be on your side?
when we know its alright
what you dont know wont hurt you this time
all the while your smile it shines so bright
activated (fascinated, captivated) by the faded light
another day, another riddle
tip-toe the middle of what you think and what you know
lungs worn away, a dull ache, a sad heart
old scars and track marks of courage overthrown
dont try to say it isnt tragic
when your life of pageantry is reduced to dead bouquets
i know that youve had enough
obeyed when they betrayed your trust
you never thought that this would last
but you cant burn those photographs
that have been etched into your mind
you see the slide show all the time
and i know i told you so
i told you so, you know


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