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meat loaf, meat loaf arklar, meat loaf ark szleri
1. seconds of ecstasy445
2.a kiss is a terrible thing to waste352
3.a man and a woman419
4.all revved up with no place to go398
5.amnesty is granted436
6.back in597
7.bad attitude397
8.bat out of hell355
9.blind before i stop456
10.burning down392
11.cheatin in your dreams570
12.dead ringer for love299
13.dont leave your mark on me546
14.dont you look at me like that559
15.everything is permitted437
16.everything louder than everything else414
17.execution day410
18.fallen angel399
19.for crying out loud367
20.getting away with murder423
21.good girls go to heaven bad girls go everywhere369
22.heaven can wait419
23.home by now / no matter what392
24.i love you, so i told you a lie325
25.if this is the last kiss359
26.if you really want to410
27.is nothing sacred373
28.it just wont quit586
29.id do anything for love but i wont do that449
30.id lie for you570
31.ill kill you if you dont come back515
32.im gonna love her for both of us409
33.jumpin the gun481
34.keep driving408
35.lawyers, guns and money400
36.left in the dark334
37.life is a lemon and i want my money back437
38.lost boys and golden girls401
41.midnight at the lost & found338
42.modern girl364
43.more than you deserve373
44.nocturnal pleasure381
45.not a dry eye in the house349
46.nowhere fast364
47.objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are388
48.one more kiss388
49.original sin388
50.out of the frying pan and into the fire376
51.paradise by the dashboard light495
52.peel out404
53.piece of the action415
55.razors edge526
56.read em and weep587
57.rock and roll dreams come through394
58.rock n roll hero397
59.rock n roll mercenaries385
60.runnin for the red light441
61.sailor to a siren419
62.special girl428
63.standing on the outside393
64.surfs up543
65.the promised land376
66.two out of three aint bad470
67.wasted youth365
68.where angels sing431
69.where the rubber meets the road442
70.wolf at your door404
71.you can never be too sure about the girl397
72.you took the words right out of my mouth342
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