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mc lyte, mc lyte arklar, mc lyte ark szleri
1. young what388
2.% dis183
3.absolutely positivelypractical jokes347
4.act like you know452
5.all that358
6.another dope intro415
7.beyond the hype356
8.big bad sister369
9.break it down363
11.can you dig it357
13.cha cha cha326
15.cold rock a party298
16.cold rock a party mc lyte main version363
17.cold rock a party remix326
18.dont cry big girls568
20.eyes are the soul355
21.hard copy379
22.have u ever327
23.i am the lyte334
24.i am woman368
25.i cant make a mistake467
26.i cram to understand u337
27.in my business325
28.its all yours470
29.k-rocks the man522
31.keep it movin528
32.keep on keepin on450
33.kickin brooklyn518
34.like a virgin314
35.like that anna interlude363
36.lola from the copa387
37.lyte as a rock410
38.mc lyte likes swingin549
39.mickey slipper399
40.not wit a dealer526
41.one on one360
42.paper thin329
43.party goin on495
44.please understand368
45.poor georgie319
47.search the lyte347
48.shut the eff up hoe352
49.slave the rhythm437
50.steady fucking377
51.stop, look, listen336
52.survival of the fittest remix341
53.take it off331
54.the rap game367
55.throwin words at u495
56.want what i got345
57.when in love346
58.woo woo freak out405
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