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geek out ark sz

keep it thin, keep in down, and keep it in sight
i honestly swear that i know ive never felt spite quite like this before
and i know its going to be a long time
before i tell you when ill want to see you again, its an unflattering
matter of opinion
indecision drags you in like quicksand
now youre wishing you still had the strong hand you severed with mistrust
holding you fast against the undertows grasp
and im almost sure youve heard it before
so i wont bore with the way it is
cause the look on your face says you feel out of place
should we bother to waste another day as this?
friction thawed these frozen memories awake
whats it about when youre geeking out?
another bottle of thrills will kill the attitude
when the look on your face says you feel out of place
should i bother to waste another day on you?
still i will


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