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fall from grace ark sz

give me a sign...when will it be my time?...come around to my way of
thinking...spent my life simply sitting idly by...by your side, but you were
so blind...shocked alive with a shake and a panic...realization is no slap on
the wrist...come to grips with the terms of termination...straight rejection,
has it come down to this?
dont talk to me...dont speak...dont be
where am i going?...where have i been?...why do i breath?...and why do i
sin?...could it be that you have forsaken me?...could it be your love for me
is dead and gone?...misconception of perfection that could be real...why cant
i be your somebody else?...so it seems youve condemned me for what i
feel...you make me hate myself
3 a.m. and i lay with a blank stare...7 hours in a week and a half...lack of
sleep brought about by conversations that ive had in my future, present, and
i fell from you


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