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circus monkeys ark sz

wont you take a trip with me funny bone deep down to the end of college
street...theres three guys there that youve got to meet...theyve got some
stories, jokes, and songs that you have just got to hear...and maybe while
were there theyll buy us some beer
well we are those three guys...and no, we really dont mind a little company
from time to time...they keep coming through the door...fifty minors, or maybe
more...the house is full...the only place to sit is on the floor
when will you play a song for me...i like the one thats
christmassy...when will you show some fan loyalty?...i dont know
tell you neighbors...go tell all your friends...and bring them over just to
meet the band...pound some porters, share some smokes, and get out of
hand...were not complaining and we dont mean to grouse...but this
persistence is freaking us out...pretty soon well have to charge admission
just to get in our house
were nobodys circus monkeys...were not some tongue-in-cheek show here
for you to amuse your buddies...will you do it again?...i dont know
were nobodys circus monkeys...were not some fucking freakshow here for
you to amuse your buddies...will it ever end?...i dont know
1,2,3,4 whos sleeping on my floor?...1,2,3,4 whos knocking at my
door?...1,2,3,4 will you go to the store?...whos knocking at my door?...i
dont know


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