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christmas in seattle ark sz

dream of sugar plums...dont bite your nails, dont suck your thumb...and
dont sass mom and dad or on christmas morning no presents will be had
yesterday i rode my skateboard to the local shopping mall...i had me a secret
christmas agenda-i was going to see old santy claus...i waited in line for
like an hour and then i sat on the fat mans lap...they took my picture and he
said, "what would you like for christmas?"...i pulled out my wishlist just
like that...hey id really like a tattoo...something that says a lot about me,
you know something real personal...i figured maybe a peace sign, or a
yin-yang, or a sunflower, or barbed wire stretched around my arm...that would
be so damn original
well i really wanted a choo-choo train...and i really wanted a
pony...its christmas time in
the city
hey i really would like a gas station attendants jacket...but its got to
have a nametag with a name thats not my own though...i figured maybe roy or
chuck or gus or cooter, how about cooter?...i think cooter would be a great
name for a gas station attendant, dont you, santa?
ho, ho, ho...hope you find some originality underneath your christmas
tree...when its christmas time in seattle even santas wearing flannel...i
want a hemp hat...i want a tattoo...i want a free piercing in the body part of
my choice...i want to wear pants with all the cuffs cut off...i want to grow a
goatee and drink a latte...i want to be alternative and fit in...i want to be
an individual like everyone else...i what to be alternative and fit in...i
want to be original like everybody else...can you fulfill my christmas wish?


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