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stressed out ark sz

intro/chorus: faith evans
i really know how it feels to be, stressed out, stressed out
when youre face to face with your adversity
i really know how it feels to be, stressed out, stressed out
were gonna make this thing work out eventually
verse one: consequence, q-tip
yo i aint one to complain but theres things in the game
(whats your name?) consequence, im tight, burnt like flames
(and whys that?) american dreams, they got this ghetto kid in a fiend
dont stress that cause its not in your bloodstream
your whole being, comes from greatness, dyou remember
shatan got you caught in the storms of december
and brothers on the block packin nines like september
crazy situations keeps pockets on slender
yo i be on the avenue where they be actin brand new
im splurgin on these reebok joints for shorty boo
all of a sudden, i saw these two kids frontin
talkin out they joints but they wasnt sayin nuttin
my hand was on my toolie they was actin unruly
(say word) yo word up, yo i was tight caught up
but i swallowed my pride and let that nonsense ride
because im positive it seems that negative dies
yo we was at the dice game makin these cats look silly
flamin, steady runnin off at the willie
i had my cash mixed, my rent due, with my play-dough
i gotta see some loot so all my girls i blow
shook them shits in my palm let em hit the flo
kept my eyeballs scopin for them pigs po-po
i got to go on the ave see my parole by fo
but i gotta steady freak these boys like jojo
and i was doin it, til i met ike, spike, and mike
one roll, they had my pockets thirstier than sprite
yo i know the feelin, when you feelin like a villain
you be havin good thoughts but the evils be revealin
and the stresses of life can take you off the right path (no doubt)
jealousy and envy tends to infiltrate your staff
we gotta hold it down so we can move on past
all adversities, so we can get through fast, like that
verse two: consequence
you got the n.w.o. (low cash flow)
your babys on the way (and you dont know who)
and crosstown niggaz tryin to (bust at you)
aiyyo they got me stressed out (and you dont know what to do)
so frame this kodak black, and vision to my contact
with a poultry scrap, workers get pistol smacked
the switch hittin queens, niggaz liquid sword spittin
with raw poppy, and now your first love is krill
your vision of the mil got crept like hey lover
tried to rise to the top, you just couldnt recover
and all i want is my laceration of the pie
to get this whip cream before the water runs dry
niggaz flashdancin yo i dont know why
youre sick of snitchin, she got you cruisin to the pokey
like smokey, the stress be tryin to squeeze out a homey
while i be tryin to get star status like shinobi
so we can build a dynasty, just like the tobys
and all i want, is the world to know my steez
these money hungry niggaz is seven thirty
and got me stressed out like these frog mcs
outro: faith evans
dont worry we gon make it (gonna make it)
dont worry we gon make it (oh yeah)
dont worry we gon make it (gonna make it)
we gon make it (gotta make it)
dont worry we gon make it (gotta make it)
were gonna make it (we gotta make it)
dont worry we gon make it (we gonna make it)
we gonna make it (ohhhhhhh)
dont worry we gon make it (ohhhhhhh)
dont worry we gon make it (gonna make it)
dont worry we gon make it (ohhhhhhh)
we gon make it (ahaowwhwwww)
dont worry we gon make it (ahahwwww)
i know we gonna make it (were gonna make it)
cmon baby we gon make it (yeahhhh)
we gon make it (yeahhahhahhhh)
dont worry we gon make it (were gonna make it)
weve gotta make it (weve gotta make it)
weve gotta make it (oh yeah)
know were gonna make it
were gonna make it, gonna make it, we gotta make it, know we gonna make it...


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