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forlorn hope ark sz

an old man is proud
but behind his modest smile lies the grief
only one picture of his brave son remains

it seems that the vicious circle
can never be broken through

the hopeful ones gathered their strength
to achieve the apparent impossible
but all plans seem to be in vain

as a soldier of allah
hes an example for the others
on his bloody way to immortality

it seems that the vicious circle
can never eb broken through
because old wounds are reopened every time

this intifada as a device
to thwart the peace negotiations

he can rely on a reward in the hereafter
eternal paradise awaits him

with our blood
show no mercy
with our soul
die for heaven
an eye for an eye
burn to let them...
suffer for all their actions

we will not move an inch
they wont play in our hands
we will not tolerate those who defy

we will not hesitate
to start an attack
if you undermine the agreement

let them suffer!
stop to let them suffer!


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