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master p, master p arklar, master p ark szleri
2. n tha mornin426
3.a woman381
4.after dollars no cents333
5.after dollars, no cents353
6.aint nothing changed550
7.always come back to you351
8.always look a man in the eyes317
9.anything goes339
10.back on top391
13.bastard child313
14.bitch i like410
15.black and white316
16.bloody murder334
18.bounce that azz338
19.bourbans and llacs436
20.bout dat350
21.bout it, bout it308
22.bout that drama312
23.break em off somethin422
24.bullets got no name339
25.captain kirk336
26.come and get something331
27.commercial young guns300
28.crazy bout ya288
29.da ballers342
30.da last don334
31.dead presidents341
32.dear mr president403
33.doo rags336
35.eyes of a killer336
36.eyes on your enemies361
38.fuck a bitch cause im paid434
39.gangsta bitch374
40.gangstas need love297
41.get yo mind right356
42.get your paper308
43.getaway clean333
44.ghetto ballin518
45.ghetto d368
46.ghetto honeys385
47.ghetto in the sky345
48.ghetto life402
49.ghetto love310
50.ghetto prayer314
51.goin through some thangs436
52.goodbye to my homies370
53.half on a bag of dank333
54.hands of a dead man342
55.here we go331
56.hit em up388
57.hoe games386
58.homie ride324
59.homies and thugs remix308
60.hook it up300
61.hot boys and girls450
62.how gs ride419
63.how to be a playa336
66.i dont455
67.i dont give ah what525
68.i got that dank331
69.i got the hook up299
70.i miss my homies367
71.ice on my wrist remix295
72.if i could change332
73.is there a heaven a gangsta330
74.itch or scratch342
75.im bout it, bout it465
76.im going big time438
77.jack of the jackers383
78.just an everyday thang299
79.kennys dead475
80.late night creepin523
81.let my get em440
82.lets get em417
83.lets get em433
84.life aint easy423
85.life in the fast lane335
86.locked up360
87.low down & dirty300
88.make em say uhh571
89.make em say uhhhh417
90.mama raised me336
91.meal ticket363
92.more life372
93.mr ice cream man343
94.my ghetto heroes392
95.never ending game345
96.no limit party385
97.no limit soldiers ii478
98.no more tears297
99.nobody moves334
100.oh na nae348
101.only god can judge me343
102.only time will tell325
103.ooh shit326
105.paper chasing321
106.pass me da green350
107.plan b342
108.playa from around the way337
109.playa haterz307
110.playa wit game339
111.pockets gone stay fat320
112.poppin them collars414
113.psycho rhymes393
114.real love448
115.return of da don338
116.reverse the game412
118.rip tupac429
120.rock it356
121.roll how we roll298
122.rollin thru my hood508
123.rollin the dice442
124.safe sex385
125.say brah405
127.sellin ice cream463
128.shoot em up390
130.so many souls deceased302
131.soldiers, riders and gs387
132.some jack352
133.somethin for the street304
134.soulja boo361
136.step to dis372
137.still ballin503
138.stop hatin337
139.stop playing wit me308
140.take it outside353
141.the block358
142.the farm370
143.the ghetto wont change406
144.the ghettos got me trapped429
145.the ghettos tryin to kill me558
146.these streets keep me rollin591
147.things aint what they used to be371
148.thinkin bout u326
149.throw em up317
150.thug girl380
151.till we dead and gone346
152.time chill340
153.time for a333
154.time to check my crackhouse306
155.trick or treat whodi354
156.trust nobody372
157.tryin to do something325
158.twerk that thang412
159.war wounds330
160.watch deez hoes328
161.we riders345
162.weed and hennesey352
163.weed and money334
164.welcome to my city299
165.what im bout430
166.whats up with that409
167.when they gone364
168.when they gone radio306
169.where do we go from here295
170.who down to ride322
171.you know im a hoe464
172.yall dont know392
173.yall dont want none442
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