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mary chapin carpenter, mary chapin carpenter arklar, mary chapin carpenter ark szleri
1., miles435
2.a keeper for every flame370
3.a lot like me361
4.a place in the world400
5.a road is just a road383
6.almost home392
7.alone but not lonely413
8.cant take love for granted506
9.come on come on463
10.come on home970
11.down at the twist and shout304
12.down in marys land472
13.downtown train415
15.family hands377
16.going out tonight426
17.goodbye again353
18.grow old with me374
19.halley came to jackson370
20.he thinks hell keep her512
21.hero in your own hometown364
22.heroes and heroines417
23.hometown girl546
24.house of cards376
25.how do365
26.i am a town369
27.i can see it now403
28.i feel lucky410
29.i take my chances357
30.i want to be your girlfriend409
31.ideas are like stars366
32.in the name of love321
33.it dont bring you473
34.john doe no372
36.just because343
37.keeping the faith322
38.king of love394
39.late for your life358
40.let me into your heart399
41.maybe world380
42.middle ground355
43.naked to the eye334
44.never had it so good344
45.not too much to ask371
46.only a dream429
47.other streets and other towns361
48.outside looking in306
49.party doll375
50.passionate kisses369
51.quittin time575
52.read my lips385
53.rhythm of the blues352
54.right now390
55.shut up and kiss me394
56.simple life386
57.slave to the beauty415
58.slow country dance370
59.someone elses prayer528
60.something of a dreamer335
61.stones in the road365
62.sudden gift of fate374
63.swept away379
64.tender when i want to be344
65.thats real584
66.the better to dream of you417
67.the bug432
68.the dreaming road371
69.the end of my pirate days359
70.the hard way343
71.the last word365
72.the long way home316
73.the moon and st christopher407
74.the more things change337
75.this is love363
76.this is me leaving you388
77.this shirt378
78.too tired363
79.walking through fire367
81.what if we went to italy363
82.what was it like443
83.what you didnt say547
84.when shes gone541
85.whenever youre ready546
86.where time stands still332
87.wherever you are415
88.why walk when you can fly541
89.you win again396
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