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marvin gaye, marvin gaye arklar, marvin gaye ark szleri
1.after the dance617
2.aint no mountain high enough525
3.aint nothing like the real thing537
4.aint that peculiar451
6.baby dont you do it597
7.baby, dont you leave me537
8.can i get a witness369
10.cloud nine413
11.come get to this365
12.come live with me angel403
13.distant lover394
14.flyin high in the friendly sky446
16.god is love377
17.good lovin aint easy to come by546
18.got to give it up361
19.heaven sent you, i know412
20.here, my dear399
21.hitch hike398
22.how can i forget404
23.how sweet it is to be loved by you393
24.i cant help but love you515
25.i heard it through the grapevine431
26.i met a little girl399
27.i want you557
28.if i could build my whole world around you435
29.if this world were mine394
30.inner city blues make me wanna holler429
31.it takes two389
32.its madness564
33.ill be doggone538
34.im your puppet850
36.just to keep you satisfied401
37.keep on loving me honey426
38.lets get it on2729
39.little darling i need you347
40.mercy mercy me the ecology377
41.midnight lady441
42.my love is waiting420
43.my mistake was to love you388
44.once upon a time904
45.one more heartache374
46.pretty little baby422
47.pride and joy420
48.right on396
49.rockin after midnight486
50.save the children422
51.sexual healing649
52.stop, look, listen to your heart424
53.stubborn kind of fellow405
54.sweet thing373
55.sweeter as the days go by349
56.take this heart of mine352
57.teach me tonight426
58.thats the way love is460
59.the end of our road385
60.the world is rated x395
61.third world girl561
62.this poor heart of mine395
63.too busy thinking about my baby371
64.trouble man423
65.try it baby397
66.turn on some music523
67.two can have a party417
68.what good am i without you396
69.whats going on676
70.whats happening brother507
71.whats the matter with you baby501
72.when did you stop loving me, when did i351
73.wholy holy638
75.you aint livin till youre lovin405
76.you are everything555
77.your precious love394
78.your unchanging love323
79.youre a wonderful one542
80.youre all i need to get by433
81.youre the man553
82.til tomorrow782
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