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martina mcbride, martina mcbride arklar, martina mcbride ark szleri
1.a great disguise350
2.a woman knows382
3.all the things weve never done480
4.anything and everything377
5.anythings better than feelin the blues518
7.away in a manger361
8.be that way335
9.beyond the blue390
11.born to give my love to you378
12.broken wing376
13.chances are390
14.cheap whiskey353
15.concrete angel401
16.cry on the shoulder of the road351
17.do what you do368
18.do you hear what i hear328
19.from the ashes369
20.goin to work546
22.happy girl350
23.have yourself a merry little christmas337
24.heart trouble348
25.here in my heart377
26.i aint goin nowhere480
27.i cant sleep565
28.i dont want to see you again571
29.i love you363
30.i wont close my eyes475
31.independence day330
32.its my time469
33.ill be home for christmas528
34.im little but im loud579
35.keeping my distance409
36.let it snow, let it snow, let it snow340
38.little bits of lightning410
39.losing you feels good346
40.loves the only house492
41.make me believe376
42.my baby loves me359
43.my valentine311
44.o come all ye faithful425
45.o holy night364
46.one day you will376
47.phones are ringin all over town483
48.safe in the arms of love367
49.she aint seen nothing yet456
50.silent night404
51.silver bells341
52.some say im running560
53.still holdin on484
55.swingin doors510
56.that wasnt me619
57.thats me579
58.the christmas song chestnuts roasting on an open fire303
59.the rope338
60.the time has come351
61.there you are389
62.this uncivil war313
63.true blue fool363
64.two more bottles of wine340
66.walk that line372
67.what child is this423
68.whatever you say468
69.when god fearin women get the blues474
70.when god-fearin women get the blues intro428
71.when you are old384
72.where i used to have a heart359
73.where would be408
74.where would you be329
75.white christmas423
76.wild angels376
77.wrong again370
78.youve been driving all the time472
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