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marshall crenshaw, marshall crenshaw arklar, marshall crenshaw ark szleri
1.a hundred dollars408
2.a wondrous place322
3.all i know right now400
4.bad luck386
5.better back off324
6.blues is king311
7.brand new lover383
8.bruce is king472
9.calling out for love at crying time358
10.cynical girl336
12.dime a dozen guy341
13.dont disappear now451
14.everyones in love with you473
15.everythings the truth472
16.eydies tune773
17.face of fashion744
18.fantastic planet of love364
19.first love404
20.for her love366
22.glad goodbye378
23.have you seen her face334
24.hold it331
25.ill do anything647
26.im sorry666
27.im sorry but so is brenda lee495
28.ive been good to you live,465
30.knowing me, knowing you291
32.lesson number one357
33.let her dance373
34.like a vague memory351
35.little wild one no313
36.live it up334
37.look at what i almost missed live,312
38.mary anne492
39.mary jean348
40.monday morning rock319
41.not for me367
42.on the run361
43.one day with you314
44.one more reason329
45.only an hour ago388
47.our town349
48.radio girl359
49.rave on live,354
50.ready right now413
51.right now450
52.right there in front of me382
53.rockin around in nyc422
54.run back to you323
55.seven miles an hour357
56.she cant dance510
57.she hates to go home411
58.shes not you692
59.soldier of love352
60.some hearts336
61.somebody crying356
62.somebody like you485
63.someday someway400
64.someday, someway328
65.someplace where love cant find me400
66.somethings gonna happen501
67.somewhere down the line354
69.starless summer sky381
70.starlit summer sky demo,324
71.starting tomorrow391
72.stay fabulous694
73.steel strings324
74.stop doing that372
75.stop her on sight sos live,330
76.television light316
77.tell me all about it363
78.terrifying love407
79.thats it, i quit, im movin on373
80.the "in" crowd386
81.the distance between343
82.the usual thing361
83.the usual thing live,236
84.there and back again350
85.there she goes again344
86.they never will know360
87.this is easy375
88.this street309
92.twenty-five forty-one409
93.twine time416
94.vague memory352
96.walkin around532
97.wanda and duane333
98.west of bald knob427
99.were gonna shake up their minds439
100.what do you dream of306
101.what time is it633
102.whatever way the wind blows327
103.whenever youre on my mind472
104.whenever youre on my mind demo,494
105.who stole that train347
106.wild abandon388
107.you said what403
108.you shouldve been there524
109.youre my favorite waste of time644
111.til that moment591
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