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mark knopfler, mark knopfler arklar, mark knopfler ark szleri
1.a happy ending556
2.a love idea697
3.a night in summer long ago405
4.a walk in paris512
6.all that i have in the world385
7.an american hero673
8.angel of mercy482
10.are we in trouble now423
11.as low as it gets620
12.badges, posters, stickers, t-shirts389
13.baloney again414
14.be mine459
16.blues clair476
17.blues stay away from me510
18.boomtown [variation louis favourite]665
20.brothers in arms606
21.calling elvis366
25.congo square401
26.cool drink of water blues406
27.creole angel468
28.darling pretty523
29.denomination blues437
30.do america481
31.do right to me baby do unto others386
32.done with bonaparte427
33.dont you get it599
34.down day477
35.down to the waterline348
36.drooling national471
37.eastbound train371
38.el macho609
39.expresso love383
40.fade to black447
41.father and son796
42.fear and hatred459
43.finale: last exit to brooklyn52
44.florin dance568
45.follow me home436
46.four in a row533
47.freeway flyer475
48.going home [theme of the local hero]515
49.golden heart405
50.gravy train437
51.hand in hand372
52.heavy fuel420
53.hes the man751
54.how long788
55.i think i love you too much604
56.if i had you341
58.in the gallery357
59.industrial disease354
60.irish boy459
61.irish love446
62.iron hand408
63.it never rains337
64.im the fool508
65.je suis desole497
66.junkie doll421
67.kingdom come378
68.lady writer406
69.last exit to brooklyn538
70.les boys442
71.lets see you543
73.love over gold397
74.mademoiselle will decide410
76.metroland theme522
77.milk cow blues347
78.millionaire blues354
79.mississippi blues455
80.money for nothing482
81.my claim to fame363
82.my parties361
84.no can do391
85.no wonder hes confused526
86.nobodys got the gun565
87.on every street406
88.once upon a timestorybook love369
89.one more matinee391
90.one world450
91.our love383
93.planet of new orleans429
94.please baby419
95.portobello belle421
96.prairie wedding338
97.private investigations440
98.railroad worksong380
99.ride across the river435
100.romeo and juliet555
102.sailing to philadelphia580
103.sands of nevada478
104.say too much477
105.secondary waltz379
106.setting me up375
107.silvertown blues471
108.single handed sailor371
109.six blade knife408
111.so far away443
112.solid rock394
113.southbound again437
114.speedway at nazareth447
115.storybook love425
116.sultans of swing402
117.tall order baby342
118.telegraph road376
119.the bug408
120.the last laugh392
121.the long highway447
122.the mans too strong470
123.the next time im in town471
124.the way it always starts401
125.ticket to heaven390
126.tous les garaons et les filles362
127.tunnel of love359
128.twisting by the pool387
129.two young lovers355
130.vic and ray484
131.wag the dog515
132.walk of life674
134.water of love375
135.what it is568
136.when it comes to you399
137.where do you think youre going510
138.whos your baby now827
139.why worry443
140.wild west end345
141.you and your friend432
142.your latest trick744
143.your own sweet way505
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