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marianne faithfull, marianne faithfull arklar, marianne faithfull ark szleri
1.a stranger on earth420
2.after the ceasefire367
3.alabama song390
4.all i wanna do in life403
7.annabel lee390
8.as tears go by331
9.as tears go by [version ]325
10.ashes in my hand353
11.ballad of the soldiers wife441
12.bells of freedom409
13.beware of darkness385
14.bilbao song372
15.black girl646
16.blazing away376
17.blowin in the wind473
18.bored by dreams397
19.boulevard of broken dreams375
20.brain drain306
21.broken english383
22.cant you hear my heartbeat409
23.chords of fame357
25.come and stay with me354
26.come my way [version ]344
27.come my way [version ]314
28.complainte de la seine394
31.corrina, corrina605
34.crazy lady blues596
35.danny boy348
36.dont forget me488
37.dont make promises466
38.down by the salley garden371
39.down town359
40.dreamin my dreams502
41.easy in the city382
45.epilogue in album the seven deadly sins453
46.et maintenant494
47.eye communication456
48.fairy tale hero424
49.falling from grace722
50.falling in love again347
51.fare thee well387
52.file it under fun from the past381
53.flaming september442
54.for beauties sake478
55.for wanting you359
56.four strong winds350
57.full fathom five481
59.go away from my world402
60.good guy419
61.great expectations379
62.green are your eyes349
65.hang it on your heart382
66.hang it on your heart tv theme version332
67.hang on to a dream358
68.hello stranger525
69.hell come back to me449
70.house of the rising sun360
71.house of the rising sun [version ]324
72.how should i your true love know483
73.i aint goin down to the well no more702
74.i have a love561
75.i saw three ships a-sailing384
76.if i never get to love you384
77.in my time of sorrow423
78.in the night time343
79.incarceration of a flower child345
80.insane asylum381
85.is this what i get for loving you323
86.it takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry336
87.it wasnt god who made honky tonk angels435
88.its all over now, baby blue406
89.id like to dial your number437
90.ill be your baby tonight474
91.ill keep it with mine430
92.im a loser432
93.im looking for blue eyes410
94.im not lisa724
95.im the sky475
96.ive done it again585
98.lady madeleine364
99.les prisons du roy349
101.lonesome traveller397
102.long black veil362
104.love got lost365
105.love in the afternoon331
106.love, life and money351
107.lucky girl357
110.mack the knife373
111.mad about the boy350
112.madame george377
113.marathon kiss372
114.mary ann [version ]331
115.mary ann [version ]318
116.misplaced love348
117.mon ami, my friend436
118.monday monday398
119.morning come390
120.morning sun361
121.mud slide slim329
122.my only friend464
123.ne me quitte pas525
124.north country maid409
125.oh look around you342
126.once i had a sweetheart366
127.our love has gone397
128.over here no time for justice389
129.paris bells382
130.penthouse serenade400
131.pirate jenny354
132.th century blues437
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