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marc cohn, marc cohn arklar, marc cohn ark szleri
1. ways470
2.already home345
3.baby king412
4.bits and pieces396
5.blow on chilly wind412
6.dig down deep698
7.dont talk to her at night630
8.ellis island419
9.far away, nearby360
11.from the station395
12.ghost train389
13.girl of mysterious sorrow421
14.healing hands401
15.isnt that so595
16.lost you in the canyon407
17.mamas in the moon586
18.maoz tzur rock of ages469
19.medicine man386
20.miles away393
21.nowhere fast406
23.old soldier369
24.one thing of beauty396
25.paper walls432
26.perfect love366
28.rest for the weary422
29.saints preserve us402
30.saving the best for last359
31.shes becoming gold608
32.silver thunderbird366
33.strangers in a car371
34.take me to hamburg570
35.the calling376
36.the days550
37.the rainy season401
38.the things weve handed down496
39.true companion405
40.turn on your radio402
41.turn to me384
42.valley of the kings534
43.walk on water373
44.walk through the world396
45.walking in memphis408
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