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marc bolan and t rex, marc bolan and t rex arklar, marc bolan and t rex ark szleri
1.a beard of stars407
2.a day laye449
3.afghan woman702
4.all alone369
5.all my love352
6.aznagel the mage566
7.baby boomerang390
8.baby strange466
9.ballrooms of mars333
10.beltane walk376
11.beyond the risin sun489
12.black and white incident399
13.blackjack big carrot494
14.born to boogie440
15.brain police483
16.broken-hearted blues330
17.buick mackane and the babe shadow357
18.buick mckane468
19.by the light of the magical moon434
21.calling all destroyers419
22.carsmile smith and the old one444
23.carsmile smith is the old one361
24.casual agent384
25.cat black345
26.cat black the wizards hat456
27.celebrate summer478
29.chariot choogle350
30.chariots of silk410
31.chateau in virginia waters311
32.child star388
34.children of the revolution424
35.christmas bop329
36.chrome sitar512
37.city port499
39.cornflake zoo297
40.cosmic dancer364
41.country honey402
42.crimson moon495
43.cry baby408
44.dandy in the underworld429
45.dawn storm417
47.demon queen432
49.diamond meadows394
50.do you remember cult321
52.down home lady428
53.dragons ear454
54.dreamy lady456
55.drive me crazy disco lady419
56.dwarfish trumped blues363
57.eastern spell414
58.electric slim and the factory hen424
59.elemental child427
60.evenings of damask329
62.explosive mouth299
63.find a little wood308
64.fist heart mighty dawn dart396
65.foxy boy376
66.free angel617
67.frowning atahuallpa my inca love341
68.futuristic dragon401
70.get it on336
72.girl in the thunderbolt suit344
73.go go girl488
74.golden belt325
75.graceful fat sheba426
76.groove a little291
79.highway knees349
80.hippy gumbo368
81.hot george328
82.hot love448
83.hot rod mama363
84.i really love you babe341
85.interstellar soul544
86.is it love782
88.im a fool for you566
89.im weird481
91.jason b sad314
92.jasper c debussy378
95.jitterbug love413
96.juniper suction388
97.jupiter liar415
98.king of the rumbling spires366
101.laser love1264
102.lean woman blues396
103.left hand luke and the beggar boys297
104.life is strange553
105.lifes a gas664
106.lifes an elevator576
107.light of love435
108.like a white star, tangled and far, tulip thats what you are354
109.liquid gang393
110.lofty skies432
111.london boys408
112.love drunk475
113.lunacys back405
114.mad donna378
116.main man435
117.mambo sun328
118.mellow love372
119.metal guru686
120.metropolis teenage angel403
122.midsummers night scene441
123.mister mister425
124.mister motion336
125.misty mist475
127.mustang ford1639
128.my little baby476
129.mystic lady380
130.nameless wildness424
131.new york city406
132.nijinsky hind1449
134.oh baby7982
135.oh harley the saltimbanques388
136.once upon the seas of abyssinia334
137.one inch rock344
138.organ blues400
139.our wonderful brown-skin man334
140.pain and love365
141.painless persuasion and the meathawk immaculate343
142.pavilions of sun372
143.pewter suitor408
144.pictures of purple people310
145.planet queen466
146.precious star313
148.rabbit fighter356
150.raw ramp372
151.reading by john peel my people338
152.reading by john peel unicorn354
153.ride a white swan292
154.ride my wheels403
155.rings of fortune321
157.rock on436
158.romany soup426
159.root of star381
160.salamanda palaganda456
161.sally was an angel353
162.san francisco poet311
163.sara crazy child319
164.satisfaction pony483
165.saturday night289
166.savage beethoven371
168.seagull woman450
169.sensation boulevard446
170.she was born to be my unicorn330
171.shock rock398
172.shy boy405
173.sing me a song280
174.sitting here546
175.solid baby336
176.solid gold easy action372
177.sound pit400
178.space boss320
179.spaceball ricochet337
180.spanish midnight413
181.stacey grove397
182.stones for avalon407
183.strange orchestras355
184.summer deep411
185.summertime blues291
186.sun eye441
187.sunken rags296
188.tame my tiger711
189.teen riot structure296
190.teenage dream317
191.telegram sam415
192.tell me now388
193.tenement lady298
194.th century boy415
195.the avengers superbad525
196.the beginning of doves295
197.the children of rarn425
198.the friends410
199.the groover439
200.the king of the mountain cometh321
201.the leopards307
202.the leopards featuring gardenia and the mighty slug310
203.the mage aznageel329
204.the misty coast of albany292
205.the motivator323
206.the pilgrims tale527
207.the scenescof dynasty321
208.the sea beasts341
209.the seal of seasons352
210.the slider377
211.the soul of my suit360
212.the street and babe shadow303
213.the third degree286
214.the throat of winter603
215.the time of love is now340
216.the travelling tragition396
217.the visit405
218.the wizard359
219.the woodland bop407
220.the woodland rock319
221.theme for a dragon383
222.there was a time446
223.think zinc401
225.till dawn405
226.token of my love382
227.trelawny lawn371
228.truck on tyke446
229.twentieth century baby422
230.twenty first century stance421
232.venus loon384
233.visions of domino297
234.warlord of the royal crocodiles366
235.wielder of words robard de font le roy409
236.wind cheetah430
237.wind quartets366
238.woodland rock315
239.write me a song supertuff390
240.you got the power353
241.you gotta jive to stay alive397
242.you scare me to death320
243.youve got to jive to stay alive spanish midnight405
244.zip gun boogie415
245.pon a hill567
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