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marc almond, marc almond arklar, marc almond ark szleri
1.a love outgrown353
2.a lover spurned498
3.a man430
4.a womans story588
5.a world full of people378
6.abel and cain409
8.adored and explored372
9.almost diamonds427
13.angel in her kiss396
14.baby night eyes407
15.bad people kiss472
17.beautiful brutal thing371
18.beautiful losers351
19.bedroom shrine386
21.bitter sweet394
22.black kiss476
23.black lullaby450
24.black mountain blues390
25.blond boy390
26.blood tide500
27.body unknown374
28.born to cry431
29.born to lose390
30.brilliant creatures437
31.broken bracelets384
32.broken hearted and beautiful373
34.burning boats434
36.cara a cara516
37.cara a cara face to face461
38.carnival of life365
41.child star422
42.christmas in vegas416
43.city of nights354
44.come in sweet assassin388
45.come out361
47.crime sublime480
49.dancing in a golden cage395
50.deadly serenade351
51.deaths diary357
52.deep night431
53.disease and desire386
54.end in tears425
55.everything i wanted love to be337
56.exotica rose435
57.facility girls455
58.for one moment407
59.fun city432
61.gutter hearts411
62.gyp the blood352
63.healthy as hate311
64.heart in velvet410
65.hell was a city337
66.her imagination369
67.i who never366
68.if you go away382
69.if you need395
70.in your bed424
71.incestuous love420
72.insecure me332
73.its a mugs game444
74.im coming457
75.im sick of you tasting of somebody else441
76.ive never seen your face562
77.jackal jackal392
79.joey demento388
80.just good friends396
81.kept boy367
82.king of the fools343
83.law of the night374
86.litany for a return598
87.little white cloud that cried316
88.lonely go-go dancer373
89.looking for love in all the wrong places406
90.lost paradise350
91.love and little white lies370
92.love for sale376
93.love in a time of science352
94.love letter571
95.love to die for352
96.loveless world347
97.madame de la luna377
100.meet me in my dreams334
101.melancholy rose435
102.midnight soul628
103.money for love427
104.moonbathe skin393
105.mother fist429
106.mr sad437
107.my candle burns361
108.my death376
109.my guardian angel433
110.my hand over my heart359
111.my little lovers414
112.my love452
113.never to be next363
114.night & dark362
115.night and no morning355
116.old jacks charms442
117.on the prowl400
118.one big soul379
119.only the moment339
120.open all night374
121.orpheus in red velvet481
122.out there380
124.pink shack blues354
125.pirate jenny417
127.real evil350
128.remorse of the dead393
129.ruby red397
130.rues des blancs-manteaux559
131.saint judy347
132.salty dog413
133.satans child612
134.scarlet bedroom350
135.secret child435
136.she took my soul in istanbul447
137.shinning brightly399
138.shinning sinners354
141.solo adultos365
142.somethings gotten hold of my heart468
143.split lip474
144.stories of johnny371
145.surabaya johnny366
146.tantalise me466
147.tears run rings365
148.tenderness is a weakness343
149.the boy who came back363
150.the bulls378
151.the days of pearly spencer437
152.the desperate hours318
153.the devil okay388
154.the edge of heartbreak323
155.the flesh is willing367
156.the frost comes tomorrow365
157.the gambler333
158.the heel371
159.the house is haunted373
160.the hustler384
161.the idol374
162.the libertines dream441
163.the lockman445
164.the plague375
165.the river421
166.the room below320
167.the sea says389
168.the sea still sings353
169.the sensualist353
170.the slave422
171.the stars we are381
172.the town fell asleep351
173.the user407
174.the very last pearl345
175.there is a bed376
176.these my dreams are yours344
177.things you loved me for367
178.threat of love349
179.toreador in the rain365
181.traumas traumas, traumas306
182.trois chansons de bilitis609
183.two sailors on the beach489
184.ugly head413
185.unborn stillborn440
186.under your wing302
187.undress me672
188.vaudeville and burlesque350
189.waifs and strays381
190.we must look336
191.we need jealousy438
192.what is love426
193.what makes a man a man336
194.when its your time427
195.where did our love go368
196.widow weeds346
197.yesterday when i was young464
198.you have422
199.you only live twice682
200.your aura396
201.your kisses burn381
202.youll never see me on a sunday438
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