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the american dream ark sz

yes, yes
thank you for inviting me here
for my final speech
ladies and gentlemen
homosexuals, lesbians
and transvestites
allow me to introduce myself
as the hungry hustler
i am
the american dream

even though the government
tried to experiment with me
by placing me in the projects
im still
the american dream
surrounded by drugs
jeopardized my life
by living around thugs
but im still
the american dream

kicked outta
palmdale high school
because i was considered
a distraction to the
educational process
ive travelled through
the complete metamorphosis
of the justice system
and im still
the american dream

entered juvenile hall
as a tadpole
hopped outta prison
as a bull frog
but im still
the american dream
the most rejected, disrespected
when i went for a job
i was never selected
but i am still
the american dream

and right about now
i find it quite serendipitous
to see that all of you
some-timin, wishy-washy
two-faced, back-stabbin
coniving hypocrites
have accumulated here
in my midst to persecute
my character with
such flagrant slanderousity
but i counter-attack
by calling it constructive criticism
and all of your negativity
has been recycled into motivation
and i am still
the american dream

amazing grace
how sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me
i once was lost
but now im found
was blind, but now i see
theres a lot of people out there
who can identify with me
young lady right here
you may be a single teenaged mother
but you are still
the american dream

the lady next to you, yes
your breasts may not be
as big as men think
they should be
but you are still
the american dream
young man
you may not be a baller
shot caller, with 20 inch blades
on the impala
but you are still
the american dream

young man right here
you may have spent
all your money
on a hood rat b----
and didnt get no pussy
last night
but you are still
the american dream

yes sir
i am just like ham
im for the black man
the mexican, and
even poor white
all human beings
that have no rights

so put down your past
pick up your future
follow me as
we journey through
the red sea
cause i have been
to the mountain top
ive seen the promised land
mine eyes have seen
the glory of the
underground category

my mind has been delivered
my spirit has been reinstated
from the corporate worlds
modern-day slavery

ive been emancipated
free at last
free at last
f--- a drug test
im fittin to roll some grass
love, peace, and afro grease

and sometimes w
cause im high
cause im high
cause im high


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