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madness, madness arklar, madness ark szleri
1. am423
2.a day on the town477
3.a town with no name419
4.all i knew347
5.are you coming with me360
6.baggy trousers407
7.bed and breakfast man454
8.believe me422
9.benny bullfrog420
10.blue skinned beast335
11.brand new beat373
12.burning the boats351
13.calling cards399
14.cardiac arrest375
15.chipmunks are go635
16.close escape363
17.coldest day384
18.crying shame432
20.dont look back657
21.dont quote me on that365
22.driving in my car480
25.fireball xl416
26.give me a reason353
27.grey day392
29.house of fun427
30.in the city416
31.in the middle of the night368
32.in the rain389
33.it must be love490
34.ill compete505
35.jennie a portrait of403
36.keep moving422
37.land of hope and glory363
39.mad not mad419
41.madness is all in the mind343
42.march of the gherkins370
44.michael caine342
45.missing you366
47.mr speaker gets the word310
48.mrs hutchinson358
49.mummys boy450
50.my girl492
51.never ask twice aka airplane315
52.new delhi400
53.night boat to cairo369
54.not home today369
55.nutty theme422
56.on the beat pete329
57.one better day323
58.one step beyond656
59.ones second thoughtlessness645
60.our house368
63.perfect place356
64.please dont go342
65.primrose hill370
66.promises promises352
68.razor blade alley368
69.remembering all so clear337
70.return of the los palmas433
71.rockin in ab348
73.shadow of fear349
74.shadow on my house338
75.shut up368
76.sign of the times370
77.solid gone369
78.stepping into line309
79.sunday morning335
80.swan lake1687
81.sweetest girl374
82.take it or leave it313
83.tarzans nuts1005
84.tears you cant hide373
85.that face375
86.thats the way to do it329
87.the business455
88.the ghost of reverand greene287
89.the harder they come355
90.the opium eaters449
91.the prince346
92.the rise and fall477
93.the sun and the rain365
94.the young and the old400
96.time for tea426
98.tommorows dream373
99.tommorows just another day339
100.turning blue375
101.un paso adelante762
102.uncle sam374
103.victoria gardens355
104.waiting for the ghost train361
105.walking with mr wheeze572
106.waltz into mischief372
107.when dawn arrives357
108.white heat378
109.wings of a dove377
111.yesterdays men311
112.you said372
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