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aaron tippin, aaron tippin arklar, aaron tippin ark szleri
1.aint that a hell of a note499
2.bayou baby538
3.big boy toys694
4.country boys tool box621
5.for you i will444
7.honky-tonk superman512
8.hows the radio know628
9.i got it honest415
10.i miss misbehavin638
11.i promised you the world445
12.i was born with a broken heart459
13.i wonder how far it is over you440
14.i wouldnt have it any other way624
15.if i had to do it over459
16.in my wildest dreams431
17.im leaving628
18.ive got a good memory682
19.kiss this443
20.lets talk about you555
21.lookin back at myself565
22.lovin me into an early grave688
23.many, many, many beers ago3945
24.mission from hank380
25.my blue angel476
26.my kind of town432
27.nothin in the world501
28.people like us413
29.read between the lines366
30.she feels like a brand new man tonight414
31.she made a memory out of me410
32.shes got a way of makin me forget499
33.standin on the promises608
34.ten pound hammer431
35.thats as close as ill get to loving you475
36.the best love we ever made369
37.the call of the wild406
38.the door472
39.the man that came between us was me415
40.the skys got the blues561
41.the sound of your goodbye426
42.there aint nothin wrong with the radio502
43.these sweet dreams470
44.this heart467
45.trim yourself to fit the world428
46.up against you383
47.what this country needs356
48.when country took the throne424
49.where the stars and stripes and eagle fly442
50.whole lotta love on the line385
51.without your love410
52.working mans phd467
53.you are the woman450
54.youve got to stand for something491
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