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girls ark sz

girls (wow wow wow wow wow)
i like the girls (ay loco sing that one more time sound good cuz)
girls yeah (oh yeah yeah)
i like the girls (give me a light loc a tell that girl
over there my name is afroman)
i like em short
i like em tall
i like em big
i like em small
i like em with hair
i like em bald
to make a long story short
i like em all
i like this girl
i like that girl
i like the skinny girl
i like the fat girl
i like the college girl and the hoodie rat too
i like the church girl ms. goodie goodie two shoes
girls (i like the girls sing it yall)
i like the girls (you know i do im so in love with you)
girls (oh baby)
i like the girls (you gotta understand i cant operate with no man)
i like em shy
i like em bold
i like em young
i like em old
i like em smart
i like em dumb
i like women anyway they come
man i like em when theyre beautiful
i like em when theyre ugly
i like it when they ignore me
i like it when they bug me
aint a woman that i dont like
i got drunk one time and tried to talk to a dyke
girls (i love the girls yeah)
i like the girls (adam gave up his rib so i could take
a hot mama back the crib)
girls (i love you baby yeah)
i like the girls (hey lady im the hungry hustler afroman)
i like the wrong girl
i like the right girl
i like the black girl
i like the white girl
i like the brown girl
i like the yellow girl
i like the rich girl
i like the ghetto girl
i like the nice girl
i like the mean girl
outer space i even got a green girl
i like the city girl
i like the country girl
dont let me get high and get the munchies girl
girls (when im 99 im a have me a woman thats fine)
i like the girls (make love and have a heart attack
cum and go at the same time)
girls (afroman yeah afroman)
i like the girls
a man i wrote this rap about little red riding hood
when i was a little kid, check it out man
i met lil red riding hood
we took a ride to my hood
and i rode her real good
like martin luther king
i have a dream to make red riding hood holler and scream
i said boom bang pop pow
grandmamma cant help ya now
when youre on all fours like a horse on her hoof
im afroman the big bad woof
girls (wow wow wow wow wow)
i like the girls (a both yall say yeah yeah)
girls (i like the girls)
i like the girls (you know why? cause im a locsta
locsta hundred spokesta)
they gotta be
the most precious commodity
my brains like the ocean but nothing is swimming
through my head except naked women
of course i wanna have sex with you
do i look like im a homosexual
all you feminists hate my guts
but girl you gonna love these nuts
girls (yeah we gonna break it down you understand me)
i like the girls (all my g-mosobies up there in
pimp-dale pimp-afornia)
girls (im smokin tumbleweed with all my homies from
haddeys-herb missi-hempie)
i like the girls (a man check out this song we used to
sing when we was little kids right)
my girl got two big lips
taste like potato chips
my girl got two big boobs
just like two intertubes
my girl got two big hips
just like two battleships
my girl got real long hair
down to her underwear
my girl gotta slender waste
her favorite seat is on my face
i got taste
i got taste


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