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saying colt 45 and 2 zig zags, baby thats all we need. we can go to the park,
after dark and smoke that tumbleweed. and as the marijuana burns we can take
our turns singing them dirty rap songs. stop and hit the bong like cheech and
chong and sell tapes from here to hong kong. so roll, roll, roll my joint, pick
the seeds and stems. feelin high as hell flying through palm dale skating on
date and rims. so roll, roll, the 83 cadillac coupe deville, if my tapes and
my cds just dont sell, i bet my caddy will.
well, it was just sun down in a small white town, they call it east side palm
dale (well) when the afroman walked through white land, houses went up for sale
(hell) well i was standin on the corner sellin rap cds when i met a little
girl named jan (jan) i let her ride in my caddy cause i didnt know her daddy
was the leader of the ku klux klan. we fucked on the bed, fucked on the floor,
fucked so long i grew a fuckin afro. then we fucked the left, fucked to the
right, she sucked my dick till the shit turned white. i thought to myself
"sheeba sheeba" got my ass lookin like a zebra. i put on my clothes and i was
on my way, until her daddy pulled up in a chevrolet. so i ran, i jumped out the
back window. but her daddy he was waiting with a 2 by 4. oh, he beat me to the
left, he beat me to the right, the mother-fucker whooped my ass all night. but
i aint mad at her predjudice dad, thats the best damn pussy i ever had! i got
a bag of weed and a bottle of wine, im gonna fuck that bitch just one more
i met this lady in hollywood, she had green hair, but damn she looked good. i
took her to my house cause she was fine, but she whooped out a dick that was
bigger than mine. i met this lady from japan. never made love with an african.
i fucked her once (once) i fucked her twice (twice) i ate that pussy like
shrimp fried rice. dont be amazed at the stories i tell ya, (tell ya) i met a
woman in the heart of austraila. had a big butt and big titties too. so i
hopped in her ass like a kangaroo. see, i met this woman from hawaii, stuck it
in her ass and she said aiiiiiiii. lips was breakfast, pussy was lunch, then
her titties busted open with hawian punch. met colonel sanders wife in the
state of kentucky, she said ill fry some chicken if you just fuck me. i came
in her mouth, it was a crisis (what happend?) i gave her my secret blends of
herbs and spices.
i met dolly parten in tennessee, her titties were filled with hennessee. that
country music really drove me crazy, but i rode that ass and said yes ms.
daisy. met this lady in oklahoma, that pussy in a coma. i met this lady in
michigan, i cant wait till i fuck that bitch again. met a real black girl in
south carolina. fucked her till she turned into a white albino. fucked this
hooker in iowa. i fucked her on credit, so i owe her. fucked this girl down in
georgia. came in her mouth, man i thought i told ya. met this beautiful sexy
hoe. she just ran across the border of mexico. fine young thing said her names
maria. i wrapped her up just like a hot tortilla. i wanna get married but i
cant afford it. i know im gonna cry when she gets deported.
have you ever went over girl and start to fuck but the pussy just aint no good?
(say what?) i mean you getting upset cause you cant get her wet, plus you in
the wrong neighborhood. so you try to play if off and eat the pussy but it take
her so long to cum. then a dude walks in thats her big boyfriend and he asks
you where you from. so you whipe your mouth and you try to explain you start
talkin real fast but he already mad cause you fuckin his woman, so he starts
beating on your ass now your clothes all muddy, your nose all bloody your dick
was hard, but now its soft. you thought you had a girl to rock your world, now
youve still got to go jack off.
.......saying colt 45 and 2 zig-zags. baby thats all you need....


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